wet n wild fastdry Teal or No Teal

I think at one point I may have sworn I would never buy another wet n wild fastdry polish. I should really start taking my own advice! But to be fair, this was part of the Fauna mini collection from the Spring 2012 wet n wild Flora & Fauna collection. I spotted the display at CVS the same day I picked up wet n wild Speak When Spoken To.

The eyeshadow in the Fauna collection was what really caught my eye, but I did think the included nail polish was pretty. No where on the package did wet n wild list the names of the products, and the display did say limited edition. So I assumed (maybe stupidly…) that the nail polish was a new color. Nope! Teal or No Teal is part of wet n wild’s permanent line of fastdry polishes.

Teal or No Teal is a super shimmery almost frosted teal. I say almost frosted because it doesn’t scream 80’s to me. It’s not on the same frosted level as, say, SinfulColors Aqua. The color is pretty, but the formula, as with almost all the polishes from the fastdry line, is a headache! It is very thin and runny and has a tendency to kind of pool on the sides of the nail. I had to use 4 coats to really get an opacity I was happy with.

The polish came in a set along with an eyeshadow trio, blush and lip gloss. If you’re interested in swatches and reviews of those products head over to The Daily Varnish Extra.

As always, there is a macro shot below the jump 🙂



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