Celeb Nails: Pretty Little Liar Hanna Marin

It is no secret that we are fans of Pretty Little Liars around here. I can’t count the number of bbm’s I’ve gotten from Katie that start “OMG PLL!!!”. Along with the show, I’m also currently reading the books, which I’m also enjoying. Anyway, when I was catching up on the show I noticed Hanna Marin’s manicure in episode 16 of season 2 (to see a picture click here!). I’ve done an Ashley Benson inspired manicure before, but this one is even more fun!

The manicure is a mixture of leopard print and a bright red creme. On one hand it’s alternated every other finger and on the other hand the leopard is on the pointer finger and pinky with the red on the middle and ring finger. This is pretty different from what I normally go for manicure wise. Occasionally I’ll do an accent nail, but otherwise I like my nails all the same color. But as it turns out, I ended up LOVING this manicure!

For the leopard print nails I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Kitty Kitty. As a side note, I’ve done a manicure previously with Kitty Kitty and had some left over. I just put them back in the box saving them for later. Well, as it turns out, when the polish strips are not in an airtight container they lose their stickiness! Total disaster, I ended up having to use nail glue to put them on. Lesson learned!

Anyway, back to this manicure. For the red I used wet n wild fastdry in Everybody Loves Redmond. I think it’s a pretty good recreation of Hanna’s manicure and I totally love it. I got so many compliments on this manicure. It’s different yet doesn’t look crazy if you know what I mean…

There is another picture of this manicure below the jump 🙂





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