butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat

Matte finish nails are something I constantly go back and forth on. Generally speaking it’s not a look I wear often. But sometimes I just get in the mood for a matte finish manicure. Usually when that happens I reach for a polish from OPI’s suede line; my favorite being OPI Lincoln Park After Dark SUEDE. Despite the fact I’ve had butter LONDON’s matte finish top coat for ages, I’d never used it. Usually I opt for Essie Matte About You for a matte top coat. But I was wearing butter LONDON Victoriana and thought it was the perfect opportunity to give butter’s matte top coat a try.

This is a lovely matte top coat. It applied beautifully and dries to a matte but not too matte finish. The wear was about the same as any other matte manicure; not great. But it did last over a day before it chipped.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this matte top coat I can’t say I recommend it solely based on the price. This is $18 for .6 fl oz. The other matte top coat I have; Essie Matte About You, was $10 for .5 fl oz. And I know there are even less expensive matte top coats out there!

I will admit the bottle is pretty. But not pretty enough to drop $18 on it!

More pictures below the jump (including a comparison to Essie Matte About You).




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