Tried the Trend: Color Blocking

Not only do I love nail polish, I also love fashion. It’s a natural extension of being a nail polish enthusiast. I’ve been enamored with coral since last summer, but I’ve recently been getting more into orange. With Spring on the horizon I’ve been rocking alot of coral and orange together and wanted to give it a go with nail polish. Overall, I do like the way this manicure turned out, though, I do not think it worked as well as color blocking with clothes. There’s nothing to break up the color in my manicure whereas with clothes you can add a belt or other accessory to tone down the bright colors.

For the color color I used OPI Big Hair…Big Nails and for the orange I used China Glaze Papaya Punch. I just did a simple half moon manicure (for a half moon manicure how to click here). Generally I do like the way it turned out though it is quite bright!

I want to give this a try with some more muted colors or jewel tones. Maybe I’m a tad bit crazy but I do love trying to translate fashion trends into nail polish!


  1. Hi, just came across your blog, it’s lovely! I LOVE color blocking!! I never thought of it as something to apply to nails but it really is such a natural extension! I just tried half moons for the first time a couple days ago but I will definitely be doing them again with color blocking in mind! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love it! It looks really cool. I have Papaya Punch, and a lot of corals, so I may have to try it myself.

    Thanks for posting a link to the half-moon tutorial too.


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