Essie – Pure Pearlfection

When I first saw Essie’s Luxeffects I have to admit I really wasn’t all that impressed, but after seeing swatches I decided I had to have two: Pure Pearlfection and As Gold as it Gets.

I decided to layer Pure Pearlfection over two coats of Splash of Grenadine (From the 2010 Resort Collection that also included Lapis of Luxury and Turquoise and Caicos). I think the result speaks for itself.  It gives the polish a completely new look – and I absolutely love it. I prefer shimmers to cremes and I can’t wait to try this over… pretty much everything I own.

I actually tried As Gold as it Gets over Turquoise and Caicos first but ended up with the worst bed nails imaginable – I can’t even post the picture. But I’m going to try that look again since it looked amazing… before I went to bed.

Did you pick up any other Luxeffects? Thoughts?Also, if you’d like to see this over another polish just let me know!



  1. Like you, I wasn’t really too impressed with Essie’s Luxe Effects line. After seeing your pic, I’m wondering how similar is Pure Pearlfection to China Glaze’s White Cap? If you don’t think they compare, I might have to get the Essie!

  2. I love Splash of Grenadine…have to get it out and put this Essie over it. When these Luxeffects came out – I thought the pearl would be the sleeper because buyers would think ick pearl? That’s so old 80/90’s and just not done now…but when tried it and found what a super sheer fab topper it was, it fast became my fav of all the Lux effects.

    1. Totally different. White cap has some bling to it…while Essie pearl luxeffect is not none of the white cap sparkle and is also more sheer so it does not turn your base white – it leaves behind instead just this amazing shift to your base shade. Of all the Luxeffects – Pearl is my hands down fav – nothing like it out there and I even have all the CND effects.

      1. Ahh thanks for the White Cap/Pearlfection info 🙂 I need to try some of the CND effects sometime, but I hate buying online if I can help it and that’d be the only options for me for CND.

        Hmmm… I wonder what I’ll put Pure Pearlfection on over next 🙂

    2. I love Splash of Grenadine too! It’s so lovely! As far as the Luxeffects go… I passed on the larger glitters because I have plenty and I’m not really into those atm . No need for Shine of the Times since I have Hidden Treasure…. To be honest, and I forgot to write this – There was a Walgreens Saturdate and if you got 2 you got $2 off – so I think that’s really the only reason I gave them a second glance. I’m super happy with both – and glad I didn’t go with my gut and pass them by.

  3. I love the whole luxe line! Right now I have A Cut Above (the pink hex glitter) over Turquoise and Caicos. It is a little different of a combo but it looks AMAZING! Both the glitters were the last ones that I picked up but they turned out to be great. They spread so well and evenly! The perfect amount. yummy.

    My favorite out of them is Shine of the Times, there are similar ones, but it just looks so great! especially over dark colors.

    I used pearl perfection over OPI’s Ski Teal We Drop and it was beautiful. Totally the added shimmer that it needed.

    I highly recommend the whole collection! At first I was a little apprehensive but after a few polishes I was in love!!

    1. Oh!! I bet that looks great!! Ski Teal is one of my favorites so I’m going to try that with Pure Pearlfection as well! I’d also think it’d look nice with As Gold as it Gets.

  4. ‘Shine of the Times’ looks exactly like Nfu-Oh number 41 – which is great, since Essie costs less than half what I would (and almost did) pay for Nfu-Oh. Especially good on dark colours – peach to gold to green to red…what a GREAT polish. I’m almost thru my first bottle and I bought a second one because I know I’ll need it before long. Chips are so easy to fix, since the effect of the polish is such that repairs are invisible. I wish they would come out with more multichrome flakie topcoats like this one! I just got ‘As Gold as it Gets’ and can’t wait to try it.

    1. I totally agree – my version is Hidden Treasure – I don’t use it hardly as much as I should – but I did pick up some of the Finger Paints flakies and you’re so right – they’re fantastic for hiding little chips and imperfections.

      You all are making me want to go get out HT after your raving about Shine of the Times!

  5. I have been on the fence about this color, only because I’m worried it’s too similar to OPI Happy Anniversary. In my early polish days is have thrown caution to the wind and not cared if it was the same. But now, as I crowd 400 polishes, I find I need to be a TEEENY bit more discerning (not that this stops me from buying, literally, every teal or turquoise polish I meet). So, if you have both I’d so much appreciate a comparison. Thank you 🙂

  6. Is it anything like Misa Confection Section?
    I didn’t get Shine of The Times as I already have Nubar 2010. But I am on the fence about this one.
    Prob is, with nails as fab as yours, I am just “forced” to buy everything you swatch! lol
    But perhaps someone can enlighten me if these 2 are the same?

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