DIY: Nail Polish Rack

Recently I’d been having a bit of a nail polish storage dilemma. I really wanted a nail polish rack I could hang on the wall so I could display some of my favorite polishes but nail polish racks are hard to find and they are expensive! I began to do a bit of research and found several different ways to construct a cheap, DIY nail polish rack. I settled on this design which is made from foam board and hot glue.

Yesterday I decided it was finally a time to give this nail polish rack a try. I tweeted last night that I was going to attempt to make it . As skeptical as I was the rack turned out great! And cost me less than $15 (which includes buying a hot glue gun). While I am rather crafty, prior to this experience I had never used a glue gun or foam board. Or a box cutter. So if I can do it, anyone can!

Info on how I made this rack and lots of pictures below the jump!

What you will need:

  • 3 foam boards. I used black foam board because the wall where I was going to put this rack is white.
  • A yard stick (or ruler)
  • Hot glue gun and refills
  • Pencil
  • Box cutter

I followed the directions in this YouTube video. The girl who made the video explained the process very well.

To build just the rack it took me 2 hours. For the life of me I cannot cut a straight line with a box cutter so it kind of looked like a 5 year old made the rack. In attempt to remedy this problem I hid these imperfections with some fabric I had in my closet. I love how the fabric looks against the black foam board.

Despite the fact that this rack is made from foam board and hot glue it is very sturdy. I used 5 nails to put it on my wall and filled it up entirely with polish and it hasn’t budged.

This rack will hold 84 bottles of OPI polish. Clearly my entire collection cannot be displayed on this rack so I still keep most of my polish in Melmers. I still love my Melmers and I think they are a fabulous way to store nail polish (for more info on Melmers click here!). But recently I turned a spare bedroom in my house into what I call the Beauty Room and I really wanted to be able to display at least some of my nail polishes.

What polishes I’m going to keep on the rack is still up in the air. I’d like to just keep my favorite polishes on the rack which means alot of the OPI bottles will go back in the Melmers. When I finally get a nail polish storage set up that I like in my beauty room I will do an updated post. And maybe I’ll do a post about the polishes that end up in the rack if that’s something y’all might be interested in.

I hope this post was helpful and that some of y’all will try this! It really isn’t difficult and the results are fabulous 🙂



The toughest part of making this nail polish rack was trying to keep Kitty off the foam board!


  1. Glad to stumble upon your blog after Google’ing “DIY Nail Polish Rack”! Nicely done! I like it! I have a question. So it’s been some time since you made this. How has the foam board and hot glue held up? I am looking to build mine soon.

    1. So far so good. It’s still hanging on my wall and holding my nail polish! I’ve had no issues in terms of it staying together.

      I definitely recommend this rack! I hope yours turns out well 🙂

  2. I’ve been really thinking about doing this but the idea of foam board scares me to death. I have a wood floor and I just keep getting images of all my glass bottles falling and shattering on the floor. You posted this back in January right? Is it still up and sturdy?

    1. I completely understand being hesitant as I was as well when I found out people were constructing these racks out of foam board. Mine is still hanging on my wall and it has not budged. I think you’d be really surprised how sturdy it is.

  3. Looks great!! I have been thinking about building this and now that yours is about a year old i am curious on how well it has held up for you. If you could let me know i would appreciate it! Thanks!

  4. Thank u for this, But what id really really really want to see is photos of your beauty room. PLEASE! I dont know if u can respond to these comments but I will check back just for that!

    1. The beauty room is currently getting a makeover. When I’m done I’m going to do a post on it with pictures and what not 🙂

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