Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat

I’m a sucker for trying different top coats. I saw this top coat when it first arrived at Sally’s ages ago. They were running a promotion; .45oz bottle for $1.99. I figured I didn’t have much to lose so I decided to give it a try.

Overall I am quite happy with this top coat. It adds a wonderful shine to any polish, dries relatively fast and is DBP free. This is a thinner top coat. The formula is actually quite similar to inm Out The Door which is a top coat I quite like. Both Essie Good to Go! and Seche Vite are thicker and both dry faster.

I have found the thicker the top coat, the quicker my nails chip. This top coat was no different. Because it is on the thinner side, the wear was fabulous. I also experienced no issues with shrinkage from this top coat.

Just last week I purchased a new bottle of Rush 60 Second top coat. I went into Sally’s intending to purchase a new bottle of inm Out The Door but saw Sally’s was running a special on this top coat. The 1oz bottle (it seriously looks GINORMOUS) was on sale for $3.99 with a Sally’s card. That’s a deal that was too good to pass up. The normal price for the 1oz bottle is $4.99, and $3.99 for the .5oz bottle. (Note: I previously purchased a “normal” size bottle of this top coat that is labeled .45oz….but online it says .5oz)

This is a top coat I definitely recommend. The price is fabulous as is the formula.

Check out the picture below the jump to see a comparison between the ginormous bottle and the normal bottle (as well as a list of the ingredients) 🙂

(click to enlarge)

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  13. They are running the 3.99 for 1 oz special again and I remembered this post and decided to snag me one. Can’t wait to try.

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