Nail Art: Top 10 of 2011

Over the past year nail art has definitely grown on  me. I was pretty adverse to nail art when we started this blog. But as my collection grew, I think I was just looking for some way to utilize my polishes! Whatever the reason, my interest in nail art has expanded. I’m still not doing crazy detailed or technical nail art, but easy nail art that anyone can do. Check out my 10 favorites from the past year below 🙂

1. Auburn BCS Manicure

Simple half moon manicure with glitter, but I love it.

2. Neon Polka Dots

Summer in a manicure.

3. Newspaper Print

One of my brother’s (girl) friends introduced me to this super easy nail art technique. I still think it is so cool 🙂

4. Royal Wedding

Ah, the royal wedding. It was fun to pretend to be (sort of) British for a day.

5. Polka Dots

This was the first ever polka dot manicure I did. I just love the color combo.

6. Snowflakes

This is the way I like snow. On my nails. Not on the ground or falling from the sky.

7. Polka Dots & Tiger Stripes

Another Auburn themed manicure. I like the contrast between the colors in this manicure.

8. Missoni

I still love my Missoni for Target shoes and this manicure was simple and understated just as they are.

9. Glamour Magazine’s Geo Manicure

I saw this in Glamour Magazine and just HAD to try it. It’s probably the most difficult nail art I’ve done to date and one of my favorites.

10. Water for Elephants

Forget the plot, Reese Witherspoon’s nails were what I cared about while watching Water for Elephants!

Honorable Mention

Neon Shatter : I couldn’t put this in my top 10 because I didn’t really like it….per se. It was interesting and different, though!

Intermix: This wasn’t so much nail art as it was just using a different color on different nails, but I love the color combinations.

Well, this wraps up our posts on 2011. It was great year, so again, thank you! Tomorrow we will be back to normal posts.

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