Finger Paints – Private Collection

Another delight from Finger Paints! It’s been a while since I’ve worn FP and I’m glad I grabbed this out of the drawer. I bought this about a year ago from Sally’s because as is often the case, I decided I wanted a China Glaze Holiday (2010) polish (Frosty) long after the display had been picked over (just like Party Hearty…) – and this seemed similar enough for me to get over my Frosty lemming.

Anyway – Private Collection is a sheer sparkly white – it took 4 coats to get a look I liked – and I do like it very much even though I’m not usually a fan of anything sheer. It’s very elegant and it has a hint of a very subtle pink flash that is really pretty.

Overall – if you’re okay with semi-sheer, this is a great polish to have and even though I usually associate whites with the middle of winter, I think it’d be a great choice in the spring or summer.

Have a great evening!

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