China Glaze – Some Like it Haute

Good Afternoon! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Today I’m showing off my choice from The China Glaze Eye Candy collection – I really was very conservative with polish shopping this holiday season – choosing one per collection (I know I did Twinkle Lights but since that was from Let it Snow it doesn’t count).

Some Like it Haute is hard to describe and harder to photograph. It has silver, charcoal, and holographic glitter all in a a silvery charcoal base. It’s like a disco ball on my fingers – I love it! It’s completely opaque after 3 coats, even though under bright winter sun, it looks like there’s a bald spot on my pinky – it doesn’t show up at all.

Overall, I like it – it wasn’t too difficult to work with for a glitter polish, and I think it’d be great for New Year’s Eve (I almost wrote Halloween…. maybe it’s time for a nap). It dries fairly quickly which is great but you definitely want to put a top coat on to help smooth it out – I used two coats of Seche Vite over top.

I think after this post I’ll be staying away from glitter for a while, my nails need a serious break.

Have a great day!




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  1. I’m taking a glitter hiatus as well. What is it about glitter nail polish that destroys the nails so much? I guess the extra polish remover needed to take it off?

    Anyway, happy holidays!

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