Holiday Sparkle: China Glaze – Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights was one of my must haves this year – last year I missed out on Party Hearty and I’ve regretted it ever since. That being said, these are two very different polishes.

Twinkle Lights is gold, green, and red glitter suspended in a clear base. I chose to layer two coats over top of OPI’s Glamour Game and most  pleased with that look – very sparkly and festive but not over the top and gaudy. I went ahead and put on a third coat for this picture. If you want it to be completely opaque I’d recommend 4 coats.

The China Glaze displays are looking pretty sparse this close to Christmas, but if you like the look go ahead and get it so you don’t have Party Hearty regret like I do.

Happy Sunday!


    1. Really? I think it might be that I just prefer layering glitter and I like a more mixed bag of glitter for that (like Revlon’s Belle and Galaxy). My favorite look with TL was just two coats over Glamour Game for sure.

  1. I was just at Sally’s Beauty Supplies and was eyeing this glitter polish. I didnt buy it though. But now that i see your swatch of it, I might reconsider. It’s gorgeous!

  2. I also have PH and TL. I like PH but I only like to layer it over greens. Thanks for the suggestion on TL, I thought I would have to use it over a yellow gold polish but I ended using it over Essie’s “Steel-ing the Scene” and I love it. It mellows it out some just like your post suggested, but when it hits the light your can really see the green and red microglitter in addition to the silver and gold. Thanks again!

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