Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamonds & Rubies

My nails are as strong as diamonds! They can CUT GLASS! No seriously, Sally Hansen told me (and by told me I mean I read on their website….) that their Diamond Strength line of polishes has a “micro-diamond formula that instantly bonds to nails with a diamond hard protective shied to help stop breaking.”

I will address those claims later, but first the color. Diamonds & Rubies is, as you can probably figure out from the name, a red creme nail polish. The color is not particularly unique, but is a bit warmer than my favorite Summer reds, making it more appropriate for the cooler weather yet still flattering.

Application was fantastic. The formula is very pigmented and covers well in just two coats.

Now…as far as Sally Hansen’s claims regarding the polish….I don’t know. I’ve worn this polish twice. The first time I actually had a nail break. I don’t have brittle or weak nails so I rarely if ever have a break. Of course this polish was not to blame for the break, but it didn’t prevent breakage, either.

On the front of this bottle is also said “no chip nail color.” Of course, all nail polish chips, but I didn’t find this polish wore particularly well either time I wore it.

Basically….buy these Diamond Strength polishes for the color and nothing more!


What do you think?