Holiday Sparkle: OPI Show It and Glow It!

The best part about the holidays is that it becomes completely acceptable to wear glitter nail polish at any time. Of course, if I had it my way, glitter polish would be acceptable year around for any occasion, but for some reason no one has put me in charge yet.

Show It and Glow It! is from last year’s Burlesque collection. I was watching that movie a few days ago (I love Xtina!) and decided it was about time to wear some of my polishes from the Burlesque collection.

Despite the fact that the main glitter in this polish is purple, it feels very festive.  Along with purple glitter, this polish also has silver, blue, purple, red, gold and green glitter. The glitter is suspended in a very sheer purple jelly base.

Show It and Glow It! was a limited edition polish, but wet n wild craze in Glitz is a cheap alternative to this polish.

There is a macro shot below the jump 🙂





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