OPI A Sparkle Yule Love

This polish is from Ulta’s 2011 OPI holiday exclusive collection Deck Your Nails. I picked up the mini set of this collection and, to be honest, I wasn’t overly excited about any of the polishes in the collection except for How’s it Snowin’?. But, Speak for Your-Elf totally surprised me. In the bottle it wasn’t all that exciting, but on the nail I loved it. I was hoping the same would be true for A Sparkle Yule Love.

A Sparkle Yule Love is multi-colored glitter suspended in an almost pink red jelly base. The base of this polish is quite sheer, so worn along at least 3 coats are required.

As of right now I don’t love this polish. I plan (today, in fact) to try it over a red polish and see if that changes my opinion of it.

Something that is disappointing about this polish is the fact that it is basically OPI Excuse Moi (from the Muppets collection) repackaged. This wouldn’t bother me so much if a few seasons (or more) had passed since Excuse Moi was available. But, the fact that Excuse Moi is part of a current collection seems like a bit of a cop out on OPI’s part. For a great comparison of the two, click here!

Moral of this post, I am still undecided about this polish. But even though I am undecided, the sparkle is gorgeous. Check out the macro shot below the jump.


What do you think?