Revlon – Starry Pink

Revlon - Starry Pink I found Starry Pink in the same display as Facets of Fuschia. I passed on it a few times, but really – how could I not? It’s so me!

This is a elegant pale pink with regular and larger hex glitter mixed in.  The application was pretty easy considering the size of the hex glitter. The polish applies sheer enough to let the glitter from the previous layers shine through & I used three coats to get this look + a coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out – but it wasn’t all that bumpy to begin with – which is perfect for me because I hate bumpy nail polish.

I think this polish got overlooked by the craze over Facets of Fuchsia but all in all, I’m very glad I bought this – It reminds me of a wintery princess polish. If you can find it I highly recommend picking it up.

Happy Thanksgiving!




    1. I saw it at Walmart the other day with Revlon’s permeant display, just with a different name. I think it was called Popular. I’m going back this week to get it! 🙂

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