Essie Midnight Cami dupe; Rimmel Midnight Blue

Midnight Cami is one of my all time favorite nail polishes. It’s the perfect jewel toned not to dark, not to light midnight blue with blue shimmer. For one reason or another when I initially wore Rimmel Midnight Blue it didn’t immediately register that it may be a dupe for Midnight Cami, but when I was looking through the blue drawer in my Melmler the other day I realized they looked quite similar. Turns out, they are dupes.

Despite the fact that these two polishes on the nail look exactly the same, the formulas are quite different. Of the two, I prefer the Rimmel formula. It’s a tad bit thicker and doesn’t have the drag problem that the Essie formula has. Additionally, when removing these two polishes, the Essie stains much easier than the Rimmel. They were similar in wear time.

I love it when the cheaper option turns out to be the better option!

There’s another comparison picture below the jump taken in the shade 🙂




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