Sally Hansen Salon Effects; Application, Wear and Removal

As mentioned in my previous post on Sally Hansen Salon Effects Wishnets, I resisted trying Salon Effects for a long time. Considering the high price of the one time wear polish product I was skeptical. Mostly I was skeptical of the application process and wear time. Turns out, I have become a big fan!

Application was super simple. Since I have shortish nails I was able to cut all of the strips in half so I’ll be able to get at least one more application out of a single box, if not two. All you do is match the polish strip that best fits the shape and width of your nail. Once you pick the nail polish strip, remove the plastic backing and line up the strip to the cuticle and slap it on!

A few tips that I found helpful.

  • File and buff your nails a bit shorter than you would usually wear them before application.
  • Push your cuticles back.
  • Apply a base coat and let dry completely.
  • When applying the nail polish strip put it as close to the cuticle as possible then to adhere it to the nail push the strip down in the  middle from the cuticle to the tip, then work on the sides.
  • When removing the excess polish, wrap the tip of the nail.
  • Apply a topcoat, also wrapping the tips.

The wear I got from these polish strips quite frankly shocked me. I wore Wishnets for 9 days. 9 ENTIRE DAYS of not doing my nails. I almost lost my mind! The packaging says these strips can last up to 10 days but my nails were in desperate need of a fresh manicure after 9. I started to notice tip wear after about 6 days, and had some significant chipping after 9. There are pictures from all 9 days of wear below the jump.

Sally Hansen claims that these polish strips can be removed with regular nail polish remover. I tried that first and it ended up removing the red but not the fishnet pattern. These strips were removed easily using 100% acetone polish remover and a little effort.

Overall, I have been won over. I am a believer in Sally Hansen Salon Effects. In fact, I’ve already picked up several more designs to try. These would be particularly good to wear on vacation instead of dragging 7 polishes, a topcoat and a base coat with you to Malibu (not like I ever did that!).

Photos below the jump of all 9 days of wear 🙂




  1. I’m addicted to these as well! I’ve tried three different styles so far and I love them! I own the Wishnets, but I haven’t tried those yet. After seeing how great they look on you, I’m ready to make those my next manicure! I agree with the wear too. I end up taking mine off before the 10 days is up, not because of chips or wear, but because I’m bored and want to try something new. Thanks for the tip about applying a base coat first! I haven’t tried that, but I will next time!

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