SinfulColors Winterberry

It happens like clockwork every time OPI releases a new collection; Sinful Colors puts out a display with a similar name and fills it with already existing core polishes and occasionally throws in a new polish or two. This time around Sinful Color’s version of OPI’s Touring America collection is called Destination America. I spotted the display at Rite Aid and Winterberry immediately caught my eye.

Winterberry is a dusty purple packed with what almost always looks like silver microglitter. In the macro shot of this polish under the jump the microglitter appears to have flashes of blue and purple but that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Sinful Colors application can be hit or miss. This was a big hit. Two coats of Winterberry was all that was needed for an opaque, streak free color.

Once I got this polish on my nails it immediately reminded me of Dior Silver Purple. I always wanted that polish but was never willing to drop the $20 for it. The base color of Silver Purple is slightly darker than Winterberry, but it has killed my long time lemming.

Make sure to check below the jump for a couple more shots of this gorgeous polish 🙂


  1. It also looks like a darker, more purple version of Victoria’s Secret “City Lights”. I’m not sure I’ll buy it, since I have CL. But it is pretty.

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