Fall Favorite: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark SUEDE

I cannot tell you how many times I have made myself late because I was doing my nails! When being late is just not an option and I can’t stand to leave the house with a chipped manicure this is my go to polish.

Lincoln Park After Dark SUEDE was my favorite polish from OPI’s Fall 2009 Suede collection. It is a gorgeous medium purple packed with microgitter. The microglitter gives this polish the “suede” finish.

I just love the look of this polish. Matte polishes aren’t near as popular as they were a few years ago, but I still like it for a nice change. Sadly, since it is a matte polish, it chips quickly.

There is a macro shot below the jump. The microglitter is gorgeous!




  1. Question for you: My roommate and I saw this picture online, fell in love with this color, and immediately bought a bottle each. It just arrived, and unfortunately I hadn’t realized that there was a Lincoln Park After Dark normal and a Lincoln Park After Dark SUEDE. The Suede isn’t listed on OPI’s website, so my question to you is, Where can a girl get a bottle of the Suede version? My roommate and I reeeaaally liked it.

What do you think?