Fall Favorite: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Gray by Gray

This polish was my Mac Blue India lemming killer. Turns out it didn’t really work….I spotted Mac Blue India at a CCO and just HAD to have it. But! Gray by Gray is a lovely polish for Fall. It’s unexpected but still subtle, which is what I love about it.

Gray by Gray is a dusty slate blue creme. It applies wonderfully in two to three coats.

Generally speaking I am not a huge fan of the Complete Salon Manicure line. It’s a bit pricey for a drugstore polish line, in my opinion. But this is a fairly unique color so I don’t feel so bad! Lol


  1. I have this color and love it! As does one of my friends. We both wore it to class one day without knowing the other had it. She looked at my nails and was like “Hey is that Gray by Gray?” Why yes… yes it is.

    I always get compliments on it and it is one of my go to colors. For me it is great because it applies so smoothly and I am kind of a messy nail polish painter.

    I agree with the pricey thing for a drugstore totally! But I love some of the colors especially Commander in Chic!

    I also am a great nail polish lover!

    1. I love Gray by Gray because it’s unique yet not totally crazy. Some polishes from the Complete Salon Manicure line are worth the price, this one is definitely one of them!

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