Essie Wicked

Oh Essie Wicked, you are a classic! Wicked is to Essie as I’m Not Really a Waitress is to OPI. It is one of Essie’s most famous colors and is pretty iconic. Wicked was originally released in the 90’s, and at the time, this was a rather daring shade! It has of course made its way into Essie’s permanent  line. Wicked was the first Essie polish I ever purchased, so my bottle is a black label and the polish has that wonderful chemical smell.

Essie describes Wicked as a “deep and dark creamy sinister red.” I would describe it more as a red leaning plum creme. Either way, it definitely has some purple going on. Despite that, it never looks brown, which is a problem with some red purple shades.

Application of this polish was good. The first two coats can be a bit uneven, but a third coat gave me a nice even color.

As far as I am concerned this is a must own nail polish. It’s a classic, looks very chic on the nails and flatters any skintone. It’s also a great Fall and Winter staple.


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