China Glaze – Midtown Magic

I was at Ulta the other night buying a pity polish (I can’t be the only one who does that…) – and I finally saw China Glaze’s Metro Collection for Fall 2011. I snatched up Midtown Magic with no regrets.

It’s a gorgeous dark brown packed with gold and red microglitter. It reminds me of a less subtle Midnight in Moscow – which is one of my all time favorite nail polishes, the main difference being I think the microglitter in MM is more noticeable than MIM (confused yet?). Like Midnight in Moscow, the brown is so dark that it can easily be mistaken for black.

So – who would love this polish? EVERYONE. No really, if you’re wanting dark nails but black isn’t really your thing, this is a great pick for you. I love it and it applies very nicely – 2 coats, bam, done.

If you ask nicely, maybe I’ll do a comparison. Many apologies for the lack of posting lately, work has been very intense and the sun has been hiding for weeks.

Happy Wednesday!


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