Revlon – Cherry (+ Walgreen’s Saturdates)

First, I got this polish for 35 cents. Yes, really.

I swung by Walgreen’s this weekend to see if they were having a Saturdate – and they were. Between the Saturdate Deal (which involved buying two), manufacturer’s coupons for the event, and additional coupons that the cosmetic’s lady at my favorite Walgreen’s scanned – it ended up being two Revlon Top Speeds for 70 cents.  So of course I bought 8. I also got a Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara and Eyeliner for 3.22 – so my grand total for 10 solid Revlon products was 6.02. Not bad, eh? Some of you may have seen my excitement when I tweeted my receipt and saw that I saved $60.60 on this little haul (I also picked up an eyeshadow quad from the L’Oreal Project Runway display: Colors Take Flight – sadly, it was not on sale but so cute!).

Now, when I first walked in I was far more interested in the Mascara/Eyeliner combo, because my first (and only) experience with Top Speed wasn’t that great (and that’s being nice). But the cosmetic’s lady hadn’t had anyone get the nail polish yet and wanted to see how low the price would be – and when they ended up being .35 each, I couldn’t resist and I’m happy to say, my experience with Cherry was great.

It’s a very pretty cherry red – a bit darker than the picture shows, and I only used two coats. The other great thing about this red polish is that it doesn’t stain your hands when you remove it like so many reds do – I hate that!

So if you’re looking for a go-to Red polish that’s great for any season – Cherry is a nice pick.

Happy Thursday!




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