wet n wild fastdry Behind Closed Doors

The latest wet n wild craze is the Halloween 2011 On the Prowl nail polish collection. I somewhat unexpectedly spotted the display at CVS and Behind Closed Doors immediately caught my eye.

Behind Closed Doors is 2 types of red glitter; small roundish glitter and larger hexagon shaped glitter; in a black jelly base. It is as gorgeous as it sounds.

Because of the jelly base I did need 4 coats to get an opaque color. Next time I wear this I’ll definitely use it over a black base.

This is an almost 100% dupe of Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers. Vampy Varnish has a fabulous comparison.

The only negative to this polish is removing it. Even with 100% acetone this was a beast to remove. Hopefully using just one coat over black will make removing it a bit less of a headache.

There are a couple more pictures below the jump that do the polish a bit more justice 🙂





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