Ulta Moody Blues

As soon as Katie showed me her swatch of OPI Road House Blues I knew I had seen it before. Obviously not that specific polish, but that specific color. I finally figured out that Road House Blues looked exactly like Ulta Moody Blues.

Moody Blues is a deep blue creme that has just the slightest purple undertone. This polish applies wonderfully in two to three coats.

Since I don’t have Road House Blues and therefore can’t do a direct side by side comparison, I put mine and Katie’s swatches side by side below the jump.

Ulta polishes retail for $6 (but seriously never EVER buy an Ulta polish that is not on sale). I am comfortable calling Moody Blues a dupe for Road House Blues. Even if they aren’t 100% exact, there is no way anyone would notice the difference.




  1. WOW! They do look a lot alike! I just got RHB in the mail today and since I have no Ulta store and never been in one – think the closest to me if about 400 mile drive – ugh! Live in the sticks.

  2. Moody Blues is also a dupe for Orly La Playa–I bought La Playa a couple of months ago on super clearance at Ulta ($.99 including a mini Top2Bottom or whatever it’s called) and I had just bought Moody Blues. I compared them on the nail and found them extremely similar. I ended up returning Moody Blues since La Playa was cheaper, way bigger, and has an awesome formula (one coater). I love that color of blue but besides La Playa I have a couple of close polishes (RBL Dead Calm and American Apparel Passport, both of which also have awesome formulas) and there was no way to justify buying Road House Blues, too!

  3. I’m late to the game but I have to comment that I have both and these are NOT dupes in person. Road House Blues actually leans more purple than Moody Blues. The camera can make a fool of us all 😉

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