Perfect Pair: OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight and Orly Fowl Play

It’s no secret that my absolute favorite new Fall 2011 nail polish is Orly Fowl Play. The only sort of negative to Fowl Play is that it is a jelly so it takes a good 4 coats to get an opaque color. Given that, I decided to try it over one of my all time favorite almost black purples; OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight.

I used one coat of Orly Fowl Play over two coats of OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight and absolutely love the end result. The uniquness of Fowl Play stands out even more with only one coat and LPAM darkens Fowl Play up just enough.

After this experience I’m definitely interested in trying Fowl Play over all kinds of colors.

Check below the jump for a macro shot 🙂




  1. Thanks for the suggestion of layering. I layered two thin coats of Fowl Play over two coats of Essie’s “Velvet Voyer” and I love it!

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