OPI – Road House Blues

Oh! Another dark blue! I love ’em. Road House Blues (also the name of a song by The Doors) is the only polish I’ve picked up from the Touring America collection.

It’s a dark blue that has – in some lighting – some very subtle purple undertones – I refuse to call it blurple because it’s not and because I hate that word.

Application was decent. I used three coats and they applied in typical OPI fashion – very nicely. However, the third time I used it, it had thickened up a bit (I may have left the top off…) – but a few drops of nail polish thinner and all was rainbows & butterflies once again.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative – you could try Ulta’s Moody Blues (retails for $6) – but Ulta usually runs specials with their polishes and cosmetics.

Since we both “survived” the Virginia Earthquake and I’m waiting to see if Irene turns my way, I treated myself to “Hurricane” polish (any excuse will do, right?) – I picked up two Zoyas today – one from Smoke, one from Mirrors – can’t wait to show you 🙂

Cheers & TGIF!


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