Nails On the Go: My Pool Nail Kit!

Since summer is winding down, I thought I’d share with you my on the go nail bag. I spend lots of time poolside in the summer I call this my pool nail bag.

You can use any bag – ziplock, small make up bag, whatever – I started off with a ziplock bag but I got this Maybelline bag for free at a Walgreen’s Saturdate and decided it was perfect.

So…what does one include in their to-go bag? To start out, I put some nail polish remover in one of those travel plastic bottles you can get quite cheap at any drug store and cotton balls. Since I change my mind all the time, I throw in two or three essence bottles  – since they’re easily replaceable if anything should happen and a mini OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat.

And… that’s it! It fits perfectly inside my purse or pool bag.  If you’re concerned about the remover leaking you could always put an additional bag around that too, but I’ve never had that problem – I believe I got the travel bottles at CVS and they come 4 to a pack in 4 different colors.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday!


    1. It’d be perfect for traveling! Just throw a few polishes in in case you change your mind and you’re all set. The only thing I didn’t include was a base coat… but I’m in a base coat rut right now, not happy with anything I have 🙂

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