Pixel Aqua-Escence

Pixel is a new(ish) brand to Ulta. The first time I saw it I picked up Roman Gelato. I had pretty good luck with that polish so next time I went to Ulta I decided to try another color. The display is rather large containing 72 different polishes, but I wanted to try one of Pixel’s more out of the box colors, so I settled on Aqua-Escense.

Aqua-Escense isn’t aqua! Or at least, this is not what I would consider aqua. The base color reminds me alot of Lex Cosmetics Atlantic…just a shade or two lighter. In the bottle this appears to be packed with gold shimmer but the shimmer doesn’t translate all that well to the nail. You can definitely see that there is shimmer, but it’s not obvious that it is gold.

Application of this polish was a little problematic. The formula is a tad thin and streaky, but nothing 3 coats couldn’t fix.

Overall, I don’t love this polish, but I don’t dislike it either. For $1.99 I can’t really complain! And I do think it’s a fun color for the end of the Summer.

There is a macro shot of the (lack of) gold shimmer below 🙂




What do you think?