SinfulColors – Forget Now

When I was doing my nails last night I really wanted something fun, bright, and flirty – so I opened up my pink drawer in my Melmer and this one practically jumped out of the drawer into my hands (ok, no – not really, not at all…but it sounded fun right?).

I grabbed Forget now from Walgreens ages ago during one of their every-so-often .99 sales. It’s a fuchsia jelly packed with fuchsia micgroglitter and it just happens to flash purple once in a while – it’s pretty amazing for .99 (or even the usual 1.99).  It’ s stunning in the sun but it’s doesn’t lose much indoors or in the shade – it’s perfect for summer. Color wise it reminds me a lot of OPI’s Flashbulb Fuchsia – only with more sparkly awesomeness.

So what do you think?

Happy Thursday!!!

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What do you think?