A nail polish mystery: OPI Dating a Royal

Oh OPI Dating a Royal. It has been the object of my affections since I used Katie’s bottle last summer. For whatever reason I have never been able to track it down. That is until one day when I spotted it at a nail salon.

This bottle says Dating a Royal on the bottom but this is definitely not Dating a Royal! Not that I don’t like this polish…I do quite like it. I just have no idea what it is.

So….any ideas? My first thought what OPI Blue My Mind…but that’s not it. The thought crossed my mind that maybe the salon added something to it….but the shimmer matches so well with the base color I’m not entirely sold on that idea either.

This may be one nail polish mystery that will never be solved!


  1. I wish I could remember where I read it, but it had to have been about a year ago that I read a post where the blogger had bought polish at a salon, and like you she thought she was getting some dusties. Instead the polish inside didn’t match what she was expecting. She found out later that salons do franken colors. I do think that’s what happened to your Dating a Royal.

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