OPI – Dusk Over Cairo


An oldie but a goodie! Dusk over Cairo is from OPI’s 1994 Mediterranean collection – but no, I haven’t had it since then. I don’t remember where or when I bought this (helpful right?) but, the serial  number on the bottle is slightly filed off which leads me to believe it was from either CVS or Target – since any OPI’s I buy from either store typically have filed serial numbers (hmmmm…).

Anyway, I’ve had this for a good while, it used to be my go-to pedicure color when I’d go to the salon and it’s still one of my favorite pinks overall. It’s a frosty medium rosy pink. It’s very pretty and dainty – very professional. Application was very typical for most OPIs and I only needed two coats.

Did everyone have an awesome weekend? Hope so!



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