SinfulColors Pull Over

For the longest time I have really wanted OPI The “It” Color. I even tweeted about it the other day! This is problematic on several levels. First of all, I can’t seem to find it anywhere and secondly, it’s a crazy yellow that I certainly wouldn’t get much use out of.

As luck would have it, the other day when I was at Walgreens I spotted the Sinful Colors Tropical Ecstasy display. This was odd in that this display was originally popping up over a year ago (when I picked up Fly Away from this collection). So I have no idea if SinfulColors is repromoting the Tropical Ecstasy displays or if this particular Walgreens is just really behind the times, but either way, Pull Over immediately caught my eye because it looked similar to OPI The “It” Color.

Pull Over is a warm orange leaning yellow creme. Despite having obvious warm undertones, this didn’t look awful on me. Application was surprisingly good. I am always wary of polishes in this color range, but Pull Over applied nicely in three coats.

When I showed Katie this polish she automatically thought it looked like China Glaze Papaya Punch. Papaya Punch is quite a bit more orange, though they are sort of similar. As far as likeness to OPI The “It” Color…my lemming is definitely satisfied. The Polish Addict has a good swatch of The “It” Color and comparing the swatches they are definitely not complete dupes, but they are VERY close.

It’s always a great feeling to satisfy a lemming 🙂


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