butter LONDON – No More Waity, Katie.

When I first heard about this polish I knew I had to have it: a. I love all things Royal and b. my name is Katie. Then… I started seeing swatches and reviews and to be honest, I was kind of disappointed. Until….

….I saw the cute little package that had NMWK and butter LONDON’s Powder Room Remover at Ulta the other day for $15 and I really couldn’t say no any longer. But here’s the twist, this polish is GORGEOUS. Swatches don’t do it justice.

After wearing it, I’m really not sure why it got such less than glowing reviews. No, it’s not opaque, but it doesn’t need to be unless you’re friends have camera lenses for eyes…. The overall effect is pretty stunning. It’s lavender glitter set in a grey/purple jelly base . The application was a bit tricky, only because there is so much glitter and that’s to be expected.

I should mention that I’d gotten a small bottle of Powder Room before and I love it. The smell is delightful – and it removes polish as good as any remover I’ve used to date. The price is the only thing that keeps me from buying it in bulk – yes, it’s that good.

Anyway, if you’ve been on the fence about this polish – go get it, it’s so pretty and completely unique – I can’t think of anything even remotely similar.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I was really disappointed the first time I tried NMWK but after trying it again I think it is darling! The swatches I’ve seen have been all over the board, some grey some purple. I think it just doesn’t show up well in photos!

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