Avon Blue Shock

Disaster! Seriously, total disaster. I tried wearing this polish 3 or 4 times before I could even leave it on long enough to get a picture of it. I got this at least 3 months ago, maybe longer, when Avon first released this color. Avon polishes tend to be hit or miss for me. I love, love, love Avon Jade but then others have been complete disasters.

Blue Shock is an electric blue packed with microglitter. The color itself is quite pretty. The formula is where this polish falls short. It is very thin and runny. To get anywhere close to an opaque color I needed 4 coats. But really, 5 coats are needed. Because I had to use so many coats this polish basically refused to dry regardless of what top coat I used. Denting was unavoidable. More or less, this polish is not wearable on its own.

So, in an attempt to find some use for this polish, I thought I’d try it as a top coat. I used one coat of Blue Shock over Sally Hansen Barracuda. The polish is too streaky to be used as a top coat. So I’m at a loss of what to do with this polish! There is a picture of the top coat disaster below the jump 🙂



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