essence colour&go – You Belong to Me

Is it minty or is it baby blue? Ah – I go back and forth. You Belong to Me is a new addition to the Essence displays at Ulta. I love this line – 99 cents and I don’t think I’ve found one I don’t love. Anyway – when I got it I called Alli and told her I got the “mint” one. But it kind of goes back and forth – in this picture I think it looks much more green – but inside I think it looks more baby blue – very cool.

I love it – in fact I’ve worn it with OPI’s Silver Shatter on top for 3 days straight – maybe 4 – and I rarely wear the same thing that many days in a row.  I’d planned on showing you the Silver Shatter look for this polish in this post but I have no idea where my camera is – so I’ll include it in an upcoming OMGISTILLLOVESILVERSHATTER post. It took me 3 coats – they were very easy to apply – and two probably would have been fine if I was careful.

So if you’re a pastel fan – I’d really recommend picking this one up – it’s great and easy to work with.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!


    1. Hmmmmm.. I bet you could. Although you have lots of nail polish that we drool over and can’t get. We should do a swap 🙂 Let me know if you want to!

    1. I’m not sure what gammy means in UK slang – but I assume you mean getting thick 🙂 I use a nail polish thinner – they’re pretty inexpensive. the one I use is…Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner – it cost a couple of bucks and it’ll probably last me forever. Miss you Clare!

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