OPI – Pink Me I’m Good.

  Look familiar? This is a repost 🙂 I wanted to get a better picture than in my original post from well over a year ago. This picture been sitting in a folder waiting for a time when I was too busy to swatch and that time is now.

I still love this polish – it’s not my first choice pink – only because I really hate polishes that end up bumpy – but it’s just so pretty it’s hard to resist. The pink jelly with the warm gold and pink glitter is really unique (at least in my collection) and a great choice for spring or summer nails!

I’d really like to try it over a few other pinks – I’m thinking of putting it over I’m Indi-a Mood for Love.

So tell me, do you have this? Do you like it on it’s own or have you tried layering it?

Also: I know I tweeted two nights ago that I was trying out the essence nail stickers (I chose the grey/black zebra striped ones) but I seriously couldn’t make it through the day – not even long enough to take a picture after work. I have one other set that I’ll try out and do a post on with a very detailed review – but right now…. not a fan. I actually peeled them off in the middle of the day because they were just that bad.

Anyway – Happy Hump Day!



What do you think?