Rimmel Midnight Blue

If you saw my tweet you know this nail polish was the deal of the century! I would always look at this polish when I was in the drug store but for one reason or another never pick it up. But currently it is 75% off at CVS plus I had a dollar off coupon. Nail polish for $.17!? Yes please!

Midnight Blue is a deep navy with blue microglitter. The formula is AMAZING! Super opaque yet not thick. This is one of those polishes that could be a one coater, but I did use two.

As far as wear goes, I had a similar experience with this polish as I did with Marine Blue from this same line; wore extremely well but no way this polish would make it 10 days.

This polish is similar to Orly Star of Bombay, though the sparkle is a bit more apparent in Midnight Blue.


  1. I love this blue!!! So gorgeous! I may have to wear blue tomorrow 😀

    Wish we had CVS in my area, I’m always hearing about these amazing deals people find there 🙁

    1. I would die without a CVS! Walgreens is having a beauty clearance right now, also, so if you live near a Wags you can probably find some good deals 🙂

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