My Favorite Coral Cremes; a Comparison

I figured it was about time I put my coral obsession to good use! I have collected quite a few over the past few  months, but these are my favorites. They are all quite similar but all have subtle differences. I did wear my nails like this (on both hands) for a good 2 days and no one noticed….

The two polishes that are most similar are Essie California Coral and SinfulColors Boogie Nights. Boogie Nights has just a touch more orange so I would not say they are dupes, but they are extremely close. Owning both is probably a bit unnecessary. California Coral has the better formula of the two, though Boogie Nights is the cheaper option.

butter LONDON Macbeth is probably my all time favorite coral. The base colors is quite similar to Boogie Nights and California Coral, Macbeth is just slightly deeper.

Both Borghese Capri Coral and OPI Big Hair…Big Nails are red leaning corals. Big Hair….Big Nails is a jelly and has a bit more orange.

Anyway, I hope this was somewhat helpful. If I had to pick just one coral polish to recommend it would be butter LONDON Macbeth, but I really do love all of them 🙂


    1. It’s funny you mention Cajun Shrimp. I was literally looking at that polish just today at the store and all I could think about was this post and how ridiculous it would be to get yet ANOTHER coral creme! lol

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