Revlon – Sunshine Sparkle

Sunshine Sparkle is part of Revlon’s Summer Romantics collection. I can’t really explain this purchase except that maybe I’ve caught Alli’s yellow fever. I like the color yellow – especially pastel yellows but they don’t look good on me. And.. well this polish was no different.

The application was a pain – it took 4 coats (5 on some fingers) – to get rid of streaks – but you can still see them to an extent – even then it’s not very smooth – some spots are lighter and some very thick. If I wear this again it’s going to take some very careful brushstrokes to pull it off. Perhaps it’d look nicer with a tan because right now it makes my skin look super red.

Colorwise it’s similar to another light yellow in my collection: Mellow Yellow.

I do like the sparkle and I love the name- absolutely love the name. Sunshine Sparkle? Two of the happiest words ever! You can see the sparkle on my pinky and ring finger best.


  1. I like the name too, gotta have to be really careful when trying it out. I have a weakeness with shimmery yellows

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