Mood Struck Berry Pink to Neon Pink

It’s been over a year since Claire’s Mood nail polish took the polish world by storm. As fads usually do, the mood nail polish frenzy passed and I honestly haven’t even given a second look at either of the Claire’s Mood nail polishes I have in ages. But then (there’s always a but then, have you noticed?) Katie told me she found some Mood Struck polishes at Five Below in Richmond but had heard they were sold at Forever 21. I was headed to the mall anyway, so I ran into Forever 21. After alot of digging through bins of nail polish I found 3 Mood Struck polishes.

Two of the colors looked exactly like Claire’s Mood nail polish in calm/wild and peaceful/confident so I passed on those. I settled on picking up Berry Pink to Neon Pink. I thought it might be fun for the Spring and Summer.

The name of this polish pretty much covers the colors. When the polish is cold it is a neon pink similar to SinfulColors Pink (neon). When the polish is warm it is more of a warm berry pink. As far as I can tell, this is very similar to Claire’s Mood nail polish in funky/fabulous. The difference between the hot and cold colors are not dramatic but definitely noticeable. If you want a more dramatic change, check out calm/wild or the purple polish from the Mood Struck line.

Application of this polish wasn’t great. The formula is a bit on the thin side and even after 3 coats I still had visible nail lines. Despite the application, the wear of this polish was worse. It peeled and chipped off my nails in less than a day (even using my regular base and top coat).

Mood Struck polishes are $2.80 at Forever 21 and can be found in stores or on the Forever 21 website here. I’ve also heard of people seeing Mood Struck polish displays at Rite Aid, though there they retail for $3.99. The labels can vary slightly between retailers, but the nail polish is all the same.

Are you planning on giving mood nail polish a try, or do you just think it’s silly? If you’ve tried any other brands of mood nail polish, I’d love to hear about your experience 🙂


  1. I love mood changing nailpolish’s! I did a post back in october a breast cancer design on my blog. My only problem was when it’s cold my polish was dark pink. That was also the color of my designs so you couldn’t see too well! lol

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