wet N wild Easy Peasy LEMONHEAD Squeezy

Wet n Wild Easy Peasy LEMONHEAD SqueezeI finally spotted the new wet N wild limited edition Sweet Spot display at Rite Aid. None of the colors really spoke to me, so naturally, I began to look at the names. Easy Peasy LEMONHEAD Squeezy was just too cute of a name! Yellow nail polish is generally something I stay far, far away from. It’s not very flattering on me and formulas of yellow nail polish are usually sub par.

Easy Peasy LEMODHEAD Squeezy is a bright yellow creme. This is not the most flattering nail polish I’ve ever worn, but it’s not terrible either. The formula isn’t great. It’s on the thin side and can be blotchy. I needed 4 coats for opaque, even coverage.

This polish didn’t wear very well. I had noticeable tip wear after the first day of wear, and significant chipping after day 2.

Overall, not the best experience, but not the worst either. The color is very similar to Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, though the formula on that polish isn’t great, either.

My hunt for the perfect light, yellow creme polish is (obviously) still not complete. If you’ve found a good one, I’d love some recommendations 🙂


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