Maybelline – Pink Splash (Wet Shine)

Pink Splash When I went to the dollar tree a few weeks ago they finally had some Maybellines & Sally Hansens – after months of only LA Colors. I grabbed a bunch that looked fun – including this one.  It came in a double pack with a top coat.

It’s a very spring/summer-y pink – barbie pink almost. You can see a big of shimmer in it – I guess that’s the “wet shine” look? I don’t really know, for me there was nothing really outstanding about the finish – but it’s a good polish. It applied really well – though it took 4 coats to get rid of visible nail lines.

Overall – thumbs up. I’ll definitely wear it again. I think it’d be really cute on my toes when I’m sitting by the pool this summer.

Happy Monday!


  1. I think its so cute! for sheer colors and some jelly i like to put a base color of white first then the regular polish so you dont see the lines 🙂

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