Maybelline Purple Aluminum

Maybelline Purple AluminumI am loving these Maybelline Aluminum polishes. After having good luck with Plum Aluminum I was really looking forward to trying Purple Aluminum. In the bottle, I thought I would prefer Plum Aluminum, but after wearing Purple Aluminum I definitely like this one better.

Purple Aluminum is a blackened purple polish with silver microglitter. It has almost a foil finish to it. The color is somewhat similar to OPI Ink SUEDE though slightly duller.

Application was good. I used three coats to prevent any bald spots. As with Plum Aluminum and other polishes with similar foil like finishes, the wear wasn’t great. A couple of days is the most wear I could get out of this polish.

I found this polish at the Dollar Tree recently. I’m hoping I can find some other colors from the Aluminum line. There’s nothing more fun then a hunt for nail polish 🙂


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