butter LONDON Branwen’s Feather

butter LONDON Branwen's FeatherAll of a sudden I got so sick of Spring nail polish colors! Branwen’s Feather has been my go to dark manicure as of late. I picked it up around the same time as MacBeth and have been wearing it quite a bit but for some reason never got around to swatching it.

butter LONDON describes this polish as “a purple-ish black with loads of depth and shine. Like a silky raven’s feather at midnight by the Tower.” Definitely more creative than any description I could have come up with, and pretty accurate. Branwen’s Feather is a black creme base with purple and silver microglitter as well as a sort of gold iridescent quality.

I have alot of black(ish) nail polish but nothing that even comes close to this. Branwen’s Feather is part of butter LONDON’s permanent collection so it shouldn’t be difficult to find.

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