My First Franken!

I finally took the necessary next step – I made my own Franken! About two weeks ago I got bored with everything – imagine that, 400 bottles and I’m still bored, so I grabbed an empty bottle and started mixing things up – I knew what I wanted the result to be and I came pretty close.

It took a few days – mixing new things in – but overall it was really fun and I’m definitely going to do it again. I decided to name it Algae. It’s a dark teal that leans green with flashes of blue and gold and yellow glitter.

So what do you think? Not bad for a first try! The formula turned out very nice – it’s smooth and opaque in 2 coats, though I used three for the picture – and it’s not bumpy, which was my major concern with using as much glitter as I did.

Oh, by the way, I had every intention of showing you Essie – One Day without Blues, but then my sun vanished and I decided to swap it out for Algae – then of course the sun came back. I’ll be posting One Day without Blues this week – it’s super pretty, get excited!

I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday.




Edit: I forgot to include which polishes I used, so if you’re interested go ahead and click *more* 🙂

OPI – Call my Cell-ery,

OPI – Jade is the New Black,

OPI – Ski Teal We Drop,

OPI – Here Today Aragon Tomorrow,

OPI – Suzi Says Feng Shui,

Sinful colors – Aqua,

Wet n Wild – Black Creme (Sweet Glow Beauty),

Wet n Wild – Blue Moon,

Wet n Wild Craze – Cabana (Steph’s Closet) ,

Wet n Wild Craze – Cozumel (Short n Chic) ,

China Glaze – Five Golden Rings (Lextard) ,

Wet n Wild – Morbid (Scrangie) ,

Orly – Star of Bombay.

I know that seems like an insane list but remember I just kept adding different things over the course of a couple of days til I got the color I wanted – and Five Golden Rings really made it what I wanted it to be – I will certainly use that in future Frankens 🙂


  1. Looks great! Love the color! I would love to try frankening….any tips? 🙂 Where do you find empty polish bottLes? O.o

    1. Tips? Ahh.. well let’s see… I just kind of started mixing things until I got what I wanted… it started off much bluer than I wanted. I need to edit the post to include what I used 🙂

      As far as empty bottles – I bought two a few months ago at a very shifty nail supply place in my city – but for this one I used an old top coat that was almost empty – it was a from an Essie mini set so it was the perfect size 🙂

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