Color Club – Revvvolution

Ahhh – holographic amazingness. I figured since Alli updated her post on Done out in Deco I’d update my Revvv post 🙂 This picture is much better than the last – I love love love this nail polish. Everything I loved about it before I still love now. My original post [deleted] was in the middle of the summer, poolside – so the picture quality isn’t that great.

I’d like to try some more Color Club holos, so we’ll see if I can track some down – maybe in the scary nail shop where I found this one.

Happy Friday!

PS – Who else can’t get Britney’s new single out of their head???


Color Club Revvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvo-awesome!


  1. I recently ordered Revvvolution, along with a few other CC holos, and I really like them. They look much prettier on the nail than they do in the bottle, I think.

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