OPI Last Friday Night vs. SinfulColors Hottie

These two polishes ended up not being as similar as I thought they would be. In the bottle, OPI Last Friday Night and SinfulColors Hottie look virtually identical. Both have multi sized glitter suspended in a light blue jelly base. But once on the nail, the differences become much more apparent.

There are two main differences; the color of the glitter and the opaquness (is that even a word!?) of the jelly base. The glitter in Last Friday Night is more sparse and only aqua and blue. The glitter in Hottie includes along with the blue glitter quite a bit of gold glitter.

Last Friday Night is absolutely not wearable on its own, at least in my opinion. The jelly base is very sheer. It gives just a blue tint to the nails. The Hottie jelly base is more opaque and after three or four coats it could be potentially worn on its own.

The formulas are essentially the same. Both are pretty thick and goopy (also probably not a word…).

Price wise Hottie wins by a landslide. Hottie is $1.99, whereas Last Friday Night is $8+.

I actually like both of these polishes and I’m glad I have both. They are different enough to justify owning both, at least in my nail fanatic, screwy brain. But, if you aren’t like me, and don’t use glitter as a top coat on a regular basis, Hottie is a good, cheap alternative for Last Friday night, though not a dupe.


  1. The word you want is ‘opacity.’ 🙂 Thanks for the comparison; I saw Hottie in Walgreens today and must go back for it! 🙂

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