NYC West Village

I picked this up the same day I picked up East Village. I was less than impressed with East Village, so my expectations were low for West Village. But, West Village was pleasantly surprising.

West Village is a navy polish with blue and pink microglitter. It’s a really pretty color. And unlike East Village, the formula of West Village is fantastic. The color was opaque in 2 coats, though I did use 3 (as usual).

After the drying issues I had with East Village, I did use a top coat with this polish. So I can’t comment if this polish has the same issues as East Village.

When I had this on it reminded me a great deal of OPI Russian Navy. They are not dupes, but they are very similar. If you have Russian Navy this is a polish that you can definitely skip. But if you don’t have Russian Navy this is a super inexpensive alternative. Comparison below the jump 🙂



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