OPI Not Like the Movies vs. wet N wild Gray’s Anatomy

These polishes are very similar, but not dupes! I did a post on both of these individually (OPI Not Like the Movies, wet N wild Gray’s Anatomy) and I really do love them both. But, I do prefer OPI Not Like the Movies and these are similar enough I don’t think anyone really needs both.

On my pointer and middle fingers I have 3 coats of OPI Not Like the Movies and on my middle and pinky fingers I have 4 coats of wet N wild Gray’s Anatomy. The biggest difference is the formula. I do not like the Gray’s Anatomy formula. It is VERY thin and even with four coats I have visible nail lines. The OPI formula is great and is a typical formula for a more metallic polish.

There are two other differences between these two polishes. One is that Not Like the Movies has silver microglitter (something I really like). The other difference is that in most light Gray’s Anatomy is going to flash purple where as Not Like the Movies is going to flash that silver green color.

I asked my brother if he could tell I was wearing different nail polishes and it took him awhile to figure out which polish was which. So I would say if you have one of these, you really don’t need the other. The wet N wild is significantly cheaper than the OPI.

Hope this helps. There are some more comparison pictures below the jump 🙂


What do you think?